Q & A with “The Wine Lady”

Q & A with “The Wine Lady”

Dottie 1
Dottie Knight celebrating her 89th birthday at the Ozone on Monday, Feb. 20, 2017.

“The Wine Lady,” also known as 89-year-old, Dorothy Knight, of Omaha has been a number one fan of Michael Gurciullo for 8 years and counting. Mike dedicated his own song “Hello Dottie” to her and the fellow “Wine Ladies” during his Monday night gigs at the Ozone Lounge. Knight is often called “Dottie” by the vast majority of friends who know and love her. Dottie was asked to attend one of Mike’s shows at the Ozone by her late friend, Gert Schroeder, and her daughter, Mary Beth Katz. She instantly loved Mike’s music from the start and frequents his shows as much as she can. “The Wine Lady” is a special woman who truly epitomizes what being a fan of Gurciullo is all about!

Q: Why do you attend Mike Gurciullo’s shows every Monday night? 

A: I look forward to hearing Mike every Monday night, even from the day I started watching him perform. The reason I’m going is that my friend, Gert, and her daughter, Mary Beth, invited me to come with them one day because they had heard him perform and said I would love his music.

Q: Does Mike’s music remind you of any other singer you’ve listened to and why? 

A: Yes! It reminds me of the records that my late husband, Vince Knight, used to play. Mike’s music is the type of music that Vince liked and I’ve listened to it forever.

Q: How long have you been following Mike’s career and shows around town? 

A: I’ve been an avid follower and fan of him for 8 years now. I started listening to him in 2009.

dottie 3
Dottie enjoying Mike’s song “Hello Dottie” dedicated to her.

Q: What are your favorite songs that Mike sings and do they remind you of anyone or even lift up your spirits? 

A: “When the Curtain Falls” – Reminds me of my friend, Gert Schroeder.

“Bourbon Street Parade” – I like this one because the band marches to the song at the Ozone.

“Fly Me to the Moon” – Mike dedicates this tune to me!

“Here’s to the Band” – I love that one! Mike dedicated this song to his very own band, a special tribute for their hard work and effort they put into making him a great success.

“New York, New York” – A Frank Sinatra classic that I’ve always loved.

Q: Carmie Egger, a fellow friend and fan of Mike, attends his shows with you every week. Did your friendship grow out of admiration for the same singer and type of music? 

A: Yes! I would say that we both love Mike like he’s part of our family. His music is excellent and we share a special bond because of him.

Q: How does listening to a 17-piece band for free every Monday night make you feel? 

A: I think that they should have a cover charge at the Ozone because the band is so good. I’d be glad to pay for whatever they ask. It wouldn’t hurt to even ask for $5 because Mike’s music is that good!

Q: I know you attend other shows of Mike’s on different days, other than his regular shows every Monday night at the Ozone. Do you like following him around town to see him perform in other venues? 

A: I go to Gorat’s on Fridays and Saturdays to see Mike perform solo and with a few members from his band. I went to his gig called “Swinging Under the Wings” at the Strategic Air Command and Aerospace Museum in Ashland, NE. I also watched Mike perform at the Omaha Community Playhouse.


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