Social Media Outlets for E! News

Social Media Outlets for E! News

The name of the international news outlet that I chose is E! News, also known as E! Entertainment Television, a division of NBCUniversal. The social media outlets that E! uses are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Tumblr, Snapchat, and YouTube.

Followers for each social media outlet:

The types of media that they use on Facebook are text, photos, videos, hyperlinks, etc. They also utilize Facebook Live very often, almost daily. E! News’ twitter feed uses short text, photo, video, and hyperlinks. Media used on Instagram is celebrity photos, short captions, and videos. Google Plus is very similar to their Instagram and Twitter feeds, using text, photos, and hyperlinking to stories. The Pinterest outlet uses text and photos on their pins that are categorized separately for hair, fashion, the red carpet, etc. The Tumblr outlet uses photos, short captions, and memes. E! News’ Snapchat uses videos along with music in their snaps. Their YouTube channel uses short video clips along with links to their stories and more information.

The same post gets shared across multiple channels almost daily, a lot of redundancy. The presentation varied amongst each separate platform. Instagram and Tumblr are too similar in posts. Facebook and Twitter use the same stories, too. I would stop their use of video and music on their Snapchat only because I finally unfollowed their account a few weeks ago. They make their snaps way too long and drawn out, making me extremely bored and uninterested to watch. I would also think of more interesting ways of writing a tweet rather than formatting the words almost similar to their Facebook posts. However, I’ll always love E! News and they will continue to be my #1 source for celeb style breaking news.


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